Miléquêm Diarassouba: Photojournalist & Visual Storyteller​​​​​​​
Documenting the human experience in Abidjan and beyond
I’m Miléquêm Diarassouba, a photojournalist based in Abidjan. I capture the spirit, the laughter, the tears, the struggles and the beauty of everyday life in Abidjan and beyond. I celebrate talent and share stories that are relevant to all of us.
Looking for the extra in the ordinary
My goal is to find the extra in the ordinary. I look for the magic in life’s most simple moments, the unexpected beauty that surrounds us.
Empowering Africa through visual storytelling
I am proud to share the riches of my country and Africa with the world. My work highlights the unique talent and stories of this fascinating continent, helping to break stereotypes and give voice to the voiceless.
Deep Commitment
I am a graduate of the School of Journalism at ISTC Polytechnique in Abidjan, and have been working at UNICEF for 7 years. I see and capture the positive impact his programs have on communities and individuals, and I am proud to help recognize their work.
A multifaceted artist
My creative expression extends beyond photography. I love exploring story and emotion through a lens, directing and producing short films. Music also nourishes my soul, as I compose ambient songs and play guitar. This love of storytelling continues to translate into the writing of short stories and poems, and my appreciation for the aesthetic extends to low-key and brutal architecture, as well as interior design.
A proud member of the photography community
Since July 6, 2023, I have been a member of the African Photojournalist Database (APJD), created by the World Press Photo Foundation to bring together the best African photographers.
Well-deserved recognition
On August 18, 2023, I received the Côte d’Ivoire Documentary Photographer of the Year award from the association ‘Lumière sur l’Image’. This distinction is a source of great pride and motivates me to continue to seek and share stories that matter.
Commitment to change
Driven by authenticity, depth and humanity, I derive immense satisfaction from seeing the positive impact my work has on people’s lives. My goal is to leave an indelible mark in history through my photographs. I firmly believe that with a camera, vision and ideas we can change the world.
Miléquêm Diarassouba: Photojournalist & Visual Storyteller​​​​​, Based in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
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