This section contains a selection of my audiovisual productions. You'll find a range of corporate films and documentaries I've produced over the last few years. 
As well as being a photojournalist, I'm also a filmmaker, making corporate videos, reports, documentaries and even short films.

UNICEF - Déborah has been visually impaired since childhood. 
In her final year of secondary school, she shares with us her daily life, her ambitions and talks to us about sexual and reproductive health for people with disabilities.
Déborah has now graduated from high school and is continuing her studies at university.

UNICEF - Registering births recognises the importance of every child and gives them a chance to fulfil their dreams" - Sebastien Haller, international footballer and face of the #NoName campaign.

UNICEF - In 2020, Mariam took over the TV show of the famous Ivorian presenter Jean Michel Onnin to announce World Children's Day.

Ismael Tamek is a talented Ivorian artist from Togo who explores human life with brushstrokes and a neo-expressionist style.

Jonas Doubbin is an eco-conscious artist who specializes in a unique form of art. 
He excels in creating artistic portraits using the technique of glass and cigarette paper collage on canvas. Hailing from Côte d’Ivoire, he has a particular inclination for collecting beer bottles and other glass items from the streets to incorporate into his artworks.

UNICEF - During the 2020 polio vaccination campaign in Côte d'Ivoire, Sacko, who suffers from the disease, tells his story and urges parents to get their children vaccinated.

UNICEF - Mariam, a plastic waste collector, tells us her story and, more importantly, her daily struggles. 
UNICEF Côte d'Ivoire has partnered with Conceptos Plásticos, a Colombian social enterprise, to create a women-led recycling market that transforms Côte d'Ivoire's plastic waste into safe and sustainable building materials at low cost. 

The VoixEssentiELLES initiative aims to support and strengthen the capacities of women's and girls' organisations so that they can participate in the development of health policies that affect their health and well-being. This video was produced for Speak Up Africa, an organisation focusing on public health and sustainable development on the continent.

Woman Mobility is an initiative of the NGO My Dream For Africa, which provides bicycles to young girls in rural areas who have difficulty accessing school.

UNICEF - "On vous parle" is a web series that aims to promote positive behaviour among young people. This episode encourages people to get vaccinated against Covid19.

UNICEF - "On vous parle" is a web series that aims to promote positive behaviour among young people. This episode provides information and advice on mental health.

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